31 May Basic Business Email Mistakes

Does it really matter if I’ve sent a business email in a rush and it has a few spelling and grammatical errors or if it doesn’t read quite right?

Yes, it does!


Quite simply, how your messages come across to other people has a great impact on your readers’ perception of you.  Let’s face it, we want to be seen as being professional communicators with great writing skills – not the opposite.

Well-written emails are the ones that receive a reply and don’t end up in the “delete” or even worse, the “spam” folder.

Unfortunately, not all emails are fabulous. In fact, quite the opposite.

Let’s look at the short email below. Can you find five basic mistakes?


To: Jane Jones
Re: Hi


apologies for slow reply but have just got back into the office. Sorry but I hadn’t responded as I thought after our last discussion that were going to have meeting so that I can provide you reliable quote.

kind regards


How did you go? Did you find all five?

Here’s what this email should have looked like:


To: Jane Jones
Re: Follow-up to our last meeting

Dear Jane,

Please accept my apologies for my slow response following our telephone call on 29 May. I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier, however, I thought we were going to schedule a meeting so that I could provide you with a reliable quote.

Please contact me by return email or on my mobile below to discuss how to progress going forward.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Peter Smith
0488 999 111


For help next time you’re writing a business email, don’t forget to look at the cheat-sheet!

Got any other questions relating to problems when writing emails? Get in touch in the comment box below as I am here to help you make your emails the best they can be!