04 Jul Elevator Etiquette

One of my regular readers has asked me to write a blog post about striking up a conversation with senior executives in the elevator and lift etiquette generally.

Let’s face it, it’s a situation we’ve all experienced: you’re waiting for the elevator when the CEO approaches. Should you start to make small talk?

Don’t worry – simply nod and smile with a simple “good morning/afternoon” and let the CEO take the lead.

What about when the lift arrives?

If you’re about to board, always let the people leaving the lift out first.

Those who are closest to the door should be allowed to get on first, however gentlemen should allow ladies the opportunity to board ahead of them.

Once inside the lift, stand as close to the wall as possible and try not to stand right in front of the buttons where it will be inconvenient for other people to try and press their floor number.

One more thing: don’t press the “close door” button until it is obvious that no-one else is trying to catch the lift.

You’ve now arrived at your destination. The ladies should exit first unless you’re blocking the doors, in which case, step out of the elevator and allow people to exit, then step back inside.

If you’re at the back of a crowded lift when it arrives at your floor, let the other passengers know that you need to exit and say “excuse me” or “thank you” as you go past them. Never push people out of the way.

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