23 Jun Less Is Best! Keep it Simple.

In a recent blog post, I wrote about five basic email mistakes to avoid.

However, what about the vocabulary you use?

While sometimes business writers do need to use technical or complex terms, more often than not, it’s unnecessary. Using complicated words just frustrates the reader – and wastes their time trying to figure out what the writer is trying to say.

The point of writing business emails is to communicate to the reader, not to confuse them!

Always remember: less is best! 

Let’s look at examples of how some complex words and phrases can be simplified without affecting their meaning:

Henceforth:  From now on

Commence: Begin/Start

Prior to:  Before

Facilitate:  Assist or Help

Despite the fact that:  Although

Conjecture:  Guess

To the effect that:  So

Get the idea?

Using simpler versions of certain words will make your writing more clear and concise to your audience, and therefore more likely to be read and understood easily.

For more of a challenge, download the plain English crossword in the email and see if you can find the less elaborate alternative to a variety of words.

Answers will be supplied next week!