09 Mar Seven Helpful Tips for Fabulous Emails

How do you ensure that your emails are the ones that get read and receive a reply?

  1. Have a subject line that stands out and gets attention! Make it clear, identify yourself and your purpose and there’s a much higher chance you email won’t end up in the delete folder, or worse, in the spam folder.
  2. Always be polite and a little formal in your email greetings, especially in business.
  3. Avoid emoticons if you want to appear professional.
  4. Get straight to the point: if you don͛t know the person you’re writing to, state who you are and the purpose of the email. Keep it brief!
  5. In the email body, use short sentences or bullets. It makes your message easier to read and understand.
  6. Most importantly – sign off with your contact information so it is easy for the other person to get in touch. Don’t forget to say thank you too. Did you know that emails that express gratitude are more likely to attract a response?
  7. Finally, make sure your email is complete before you send it. Sounds simple…..but a vast majority of messages don’t contain the right information, meaning more time is wasted as more emails are sent and received in an effort to try and understand the message in the first place. Who has time for that?


Do you have any other questions about emails?  Let me know in the comment box below.